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Brazilian government seeks to attract investments to new refineries in the country

The Brazilian government sees the need to build refineries and already prospects investors abroad. The Brazilian government sees the need to build refineries and already prospects investors abroad.

"With the increase in exploration and oil production, Brazil will need refineries. Our idea is to encourage local and foreign initiative to analyze projects in the sector in the country," says Minister Fernando Coelho Filho (Mines and Energy).

"Today, Brazil already has a refining deficit of approximately 600,000 barrels per day, which is growing, and the Brazilian government's challenge now is to attract investments to the sector."

In January, a working group was created at CNPE (National Council of Energy Policy - abbreviation in Portuguese) to identify the difficulties in the area, and that it should present in March proposals to subsidize the government to capture these investments.

The allocation of resources in refining in Brazil will be without Petrobras, which will not make investments in the sector.

"It is a challenge to attract investors because there is an over-supply of refineries in the world. Whoever refines, wants to optimize their already installed capacity, does not want to build new refineries, but every country wants to have their refinery because it is a security to have the product transformed." A refinery represents an investment of $ 8 billion to $ 10 billion. Chinese companies would have interest in the industry and the government prospects other companies.


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