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Rice: sector invests in variety to increase consumption

Staple food of the Brazilian diet, rice does not present residues of agrochemicals and has been "reinvented" by the industry Staple food of the Brazilian diet, rice does not present residues of agrochemicals and has been "reinvented" by the industry

Rice is one of the staple foods of the Brazilian diet. But this productive sector has sought alternatives to increase grain consumption. And variety is what is not lacking for the product. It is one of the oldest and complete foods for human consumption. Among the components of rice are carbohydrates, proteins, lipids, vitamins and minerals. And the industry has been "reinventing" the product over the years, offering to meet different tastes. There are the black rice, the red, the integral, multigrain mixtures, among others.

Rice is still a valuable ally of celiacs, people who have gluten intolerance, present in grains such as wheat, oats, barley and rye. The main substitute for these products is rice, according to Ester Benatti, vice president of the Celiac Association of Brazil (Acelbra) in Rio Grande do Sul. "Celiac is the number one consumer of rice, because he has no choice," he says. Rice flour, made from white or whole grain, is used by celiacs in the preparation of recipes such as cakes, pies and quiches.

Regardless of type or brand, the consumer relies on that essential nutriment from the basic food basket. The industry says that this "tranquility" of the consumer has reason. The product that arrives at the Brazilian's table is free of agrochemical residues, which would have happened for some time. According to the president of the Federation of Associations of Rice Growers of Rio Grande do Sul (Federarroz), Henrique Dornelles, since 2002 no traces of agrochemicals have been found in rice produced in the state. "This has been proven both by Anvisa and by the Ministry of Agriculture itself," he says.

This reinvention of the segment presents a high modernization, which implies in the adhesion of new technologies. Accompanying the development of this market niche, TURBIMAQ collaborates by offering technologies in steam turbines, presenting solutions to the needs and expectations of its clients.



February, 2018
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