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Corn ethanol dominates supply in sugarcane harvesting

Corn ethanol already reinforces the offer in the off season Corn ethanol already reinforces the offer in the off season

Corn ethanol production has presented "intense expansion during the current harvest" 2017/18, noted the technical director of the Union of Sugarcane Industry (Unica, in portuguese), Antonio de Padua Rodrigues.

While the Center-South goes through its sugarcane off-season, the supply of ethanol from the region's mills is being reinforced by imports and the production of ethanol from corn. From January 1 to mid-February, corn ethanol production amounted to 107.5 million liters - equivalent to 60% of the total production of the Center-South, which was 179.7 million liters, according to data from the Union of Sugarcane Industry (Unica, in portuguese).

During this off-season, corn ethanol producers - some of them holding "flex" plants that can process cane and corn - are benefiting from higher biofuel prices, amid high gasoline prices at the stations .

This occupation of space by corn ethanol, however, is short-lived, given that in March some sugarcane mills in the Center-South will be operational again.


March, 2018
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