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Houses with solar energy increased 10 times in one year in Brazil

Solar energy in Brazil surpassed the 1.5 Gigawatts of installed capacity and is expected to close the year with 2.4 GW, according to the Brazilian Association of Solar Photovoltaic Energy (Absolar).
A year ago, the solar source supplied about 60 thousand homes, number that jumped to 633 thousand residences in 2018.

Altogether there are 30,039 installed systems of distributed generation in the Country, totaling R $ 2.1 billion in investments since 2012.
In addition to the centralized distributed generation, the investments are of R $ 6 billion, and by the end of 2018 should reach R $ 20 billion, informed the president of Absolar, Rodrigo Sauaia.
The executive said that Brazil is already included in the group of 30 countries with more than 1 GW installed in solar energy, although the source represents only 1% of the total generation, but could reach 10% in 2030, according to studies by the Company. Energy Research (EPE), stressed Sauaia.
According to Absolar, of every megawatt of energy generated between 25 and 30 jobs are created and Brazil today counts more than 20 thousand direct and indirect jobs in the sector.
Residential consumers are the ones that most seek the solar source, with 77.4% of the total installed systems in the country, followed by the commerce and services sectors, with 16%; rural consumers, with 3.2% and industries, with 2.4%.
The factors that have contributed to the rapid growth of solar energy in Brazil, according to Absolar was the 75% reduction in the price of solar energy in the last 10 years and the strong growth in the price of electric energy, which since 2012 rose 499% according to the Ministry of Mines and Energy.
In addition to the price, BNDES (The National Development Bank) recently announced a line to finance individuals to have access to distributed solar energy, which should further boost the sector.


June 2018
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