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Direct sale of ethanol at the stations will not reduce prices at the pump, says Plural

The executive president of Plural (an association that brings together the fuel distributors, formerly Sindicom, Leonardo Gadotti, reiterated the entity's position that the approval of the draft legislative decree allowing the direct sale of ethanol by producers to non- will generate lower pump prices.
"It's a fallacy, this view that the product will come cheap. Studies do not show that," says Gadotti. "There would be loss of quality control and process control."

The plenary of the Chamber of Deputies rejected on Wednesday night, the urgency of the draft legislative decree that allows the direct sale of ethanol by the producers to the fuel stations. There were 257 votes in favor of urgency, but there were only 213 votes. 98 others voted no and three abstained.
In the Senate, it was approved by 47 votes in favor and only 2 against. "It's worrying a project of this nature that moves the whole sector. It's a measure of election, I have no doubt," he says. "Why an emergency measure in such an important project, in a process in which nobody is heard?".
"Why the rush? That is the big question? Politician has to discuss education, which is with a horrible level, health, social security," said Gadotti.
In Brasilia, Plural has been working to clarify that approval could create a "tax hole." "Why does the congress close its eyes at such a difficult time for collection?" He asks.

The entity requests that the discussion involve a control in the collection of taxes. "You have to pay taxes so that you do not create unfair competition," he says.
According to Plural, the evasion related to hydrated ethanol is estimated at R $ 3 billion per year. "The biggest losers are the States."
Gadotti also believes that the role of the National Agency for Petroleum, Natural Gas and Biofuels (ANP, in portuguese) was forgotten in the discussion. "The agency has an obligation to regulate, not Congress."


June 2018
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